Ginamarie Austin

Known as purple to her friends, Ginamarie Austin is on the road to finding her own two feet.  After the sudden passing of her husband, Ginamarie is following his wishes; to not stand around waiting, but to cherish life and it's challenges. She's doing just that.

Mark Holmes

Mark's interest in motorcycle travel started when he read Jim Rogers' Investment Biker, continuing through to Ted Simon.  Mark, set out to understand his place in the world riding the world's largest capacity production bike.  Is he crazy? We think so ... perfect for Traverse

Ivan Phillips

Ten years ago a tragedy that many of us could never comprehend set Ivan Phillips on a path of discovery.  He took off on his bike, did the 'lap' of Australia, discovered his country, discovered his faith in humanity ... he discovered himself ...

Leigh Wilkins

The mad man trying to pull all of this together.  Has a serious habit of falling off his bike ... best way to meet people ... 

Works hard to keep the name "Captain Risky"

Zoe Cano

Ever since a kid, Zoe Cano has had a passion for travel.  Trekking the Amazon, walking the Great Wall of China, and even rowing the Thames weren't enough.  She rode the 'roads less travelled' of the USA.  Three rides, three acclaimed books.  Zoe  is always looking for that next adventure.  

Heather Ellis

In 1992 Heather Ellis took off, left her home, left Australia, on an epic ride that would see her discover Africa, discover the world, discover herself, discover UBUNTU ...

She's still discovering ...

Vanda Pacheco

Aboard her small capacity Kimco, she's the leader of a one woman biker gang.  Watch out world, Vanda is out looking for adventure, looking to explore, looking to scoot where she can ...

Gordon Stuart

That's him, The Arctic Rider!  He's going to ride every country that has territory within the Arctic circle and all for charity.  Says he's nothing special, just likes riding his bike ...that's special.

Mick McDonald

Author of The Biggest Mistake of Our Lives, founder of Compass Expeditions.  Does he think it was a mistake? Probably! And a hell of a lot of fun too.

Brendan Barbetti

One of the four that runs Compass Expeditions.  Likes taking people all over the world, loves telling the tales ...

Renae Kunda

Lives in north Queensland, works on that pointy bit called Cape York, work is all about bike tours ... we want that job!

Paris Wolfe

Wins awards with her writing, often from the back of her partners bike.  Paris is a listener, you hear that? She's a listener.  Paris also has a story to tell, so let's get reading.

Brett Hart

Brett loves the desert, loves the sand.  He gets out a bit in both, especially in Oman.  He's always up for a ride and loves taking others with him.

David Mobley

Born in Brooklyn, USA, traveller of the world, resides in Cali, Colombia.  David gave up the corporate world for something more fulfilling, he found that on two wheels ... 

Dave Scott

Dave's an Englishman struggling with the heat, with the humidity, of Cambodia and he wouldn't have it any other way.  He's had plenty of adventure, and has plenty of tales to tell ...